Family sponsored csa

Want to sponsor a family? By sponsoring a family you secure healthy food security for a family in need through out our entire growing season. The family will receive fresh produce weekly delivered to their door. 

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what is a CSA?

A CSA is "community supported agriculture". Participating in a  normal CSA allows farmers to have a direct link to consumers by purchasing a share of their produce that they receive every week through the farmer's growing season. Although we grow as much as we can to give to community members in need we need help raising funds to do more. By sponsoring a csa share for a family, every week that family will receive a crate of fresh produce picked that day straight to their front door. We will provide cooking classes, recipes, and other food education to help families learn to cook everything in their crates that week.


Our season is 20 weeks long and we try to sponsor each family for the full length. So if you can't afford a full sponsorship that's okay. We team sponsors up till we have provided sponsorships for every family! Once you have sponsored a family you will receive more information on who have helped!

Each crate will feed the family for one to two weeks.

  • Sponsor a family  for 5 weeks: $140
  • Sponsor a family  for 10 weeks: $265
  • Sponsor a family  for 20 weeks: $515

how do we find families?

We work with local organizations to identify community members that are struggling to make ends meet or could use help to obtain quality food security who are low-income, refugees, and or the elderly.