By purchasing a CSA share, you agree to our membership agreement.

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a locally based food distribution system that creates a direct link between farmers and consumers.

Individuals pre-purchase a "share" of the farm's harvest in the spring and receive freshly picked produce as it becomes available throughout the growing season.

CSA Season

Target start date: June 10th

Target end date: October 21st

* Note, we may offer a 2 week fall extension.  $50 for large shares,  $36 for small shares. Must be paid by September 15th

our CSA

By purchasing a "share" of our CSA, you both reserve a weekly box of fresh organic vegetables, and enable RRI to plan for the season, purchase new seed, and invest in our local initiatives.  It's an investment in your pantry and our future!

Registration will be available in Spring  and Summer 2017.

Share the love -- we also offer "buddy baskets" where you can buy a friend, family, or your grandma a lovely basket of produce that will be delivered to their door with a specialized note. Delivery is included in the price, or stop by our farmers market and fill up your own buddy basket and deliver yourself. Purchase the buddy basket in our store.

Share Sizes and Prices

Our Share Boxes are packed with vegetables harvested each week from our farm. We offer Full-Season (20 weeks), Half-Season (10 weeks), and Flex (6 week) shares in both Small and Large share boxes.

A Small Box feeds 1-2 people. A Large Box feeds 2-4 people.

  • Full-Season (20 weeks) Large Box: $500 
  • Full-Season (20 weeks) Small Box: $360
  • Half-Season (10 weeks) Large Box: $250; bi-weekly or choose your weeks
  • Half-Season (10 weeks) Small Box: $180; bi-weekly or choose your weeks
  • 6-Week Flex Large Box: $150; you choose your weeks
  • 6-Week Flex Small Box: $110; you choose your weeks

Deliveries and Pick Ups

You may pick up your share for free at the Aurora Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. We also offer a weekly home delivery for full- and half-season subscribers:

  • Weekly home deliveries, Full-Season share: $220 additional
  • Weekly home deliveries, Half-Season share: $110 additional

We recycle! Each subscriber will be allotted two wooden crates (handmade by RRI volunteers). Swap out your used crate each week at pickup or delivery. 

Family Sponsorship

We offer sponsorships for families in need. Learn more here.

  • Sponsor a family (Large Share, delivery included) for 5 weeks: $140
  • Sponsor a family (Large Share, delivery included) for 10 weeks: $265
  • Sponsor a family (Large Share, delivery included) for 20 weeks: $515