Why composting matters

  • Food waste contributes to 15% of landfill space nationwide. When properly composted, food scraps transform into nutrient-rich soil; when left in landfills, they produce methane - 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

  • Over 97% of food waste ends up in the landfill - that's 33 million tons of food each year!

  • Consumer and foodservice food waste is the largest source of food loss in the marketing chain.

  • In 2008, the EPA estimated that food waste cost roughly $1.3 billion to dispose of in landfills. 

* Stats from the Environmental Protection Agency and Economic Research Services

Our Composting Initiative

Drop off: Bring your compo-stable food scraps to the Aurora Farmer's Market every Saturday.  Bins will be available for collection every week.  Special pricing for all Aurora residents. Contact erin@renewedroots.org if interested in joining.

DIY: We are developing DIY-composting kits and Vermicomposting (with worms!) workshops; keep an eye out in late 2017.